Friday, March 6, 2015

5 Months!

Our little lady is 5 months old!

Dear Perryn,

Just a few days ago (well almost two weeks ago--yikes!) you turned 5 months old. I know! How can that be?! I love all of the new things you are doing each and every day, but I'm not ready for you to grow up. Here are some things that you have been doing this past month...

*You love to sit up (with assistance) and check out your surroundings.

*You are learning how loud and silly your voice can be and like to test it out when it's time for bed!

*You love your activity center and have become a pro at grabbing your toys!

*Your are starting your teething phase and want to chew (and drool) on everything. We haven't seen a tooth sprout yet.

*Your favorite toys right now include Sophie the giraffe, Fuzzy bee crinkly book, squishy teether, and any sort of rattle.

*You don't love your pacifiers as much as you used to.

*You like to go to bed between 9-10pm and sleep until 7am when Mama wakes you up to get ready.

*You are still adjusting to time at daycare. Some days you take your bottles well, and other days you refuse. We'll keep trying!

*And the most important thing that happened this month? You were baptized. It was such an amazing day and deserves a post of its own.

And would you believe it? We just can't stop taking pictures of you. Here are some of our favorites...

We love you so much sweet baby girl. 

Betty, Cowboy & Dudley

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Working Mama.

Last week was my first full week back at work. And it was exhausting. I was so sad to have my maternity leave come to an end. Although I took off more time than most (4 months), it still went by way too quickly. Fortunately, Cowboy, my parents, and even my coworkers helped ease me into this new Working Mama chapter of my life.

Cowboy took Monday off from work so I didn't have to drop Perryn off at daycare my first day back. I just had to leave her...which was still so hard (even though I knew that she was in the safest and loving hands of her Daddy). There were definitely some tears. And I may have stopped to get a coffee on the way to work just to have extra time for my 'crying face' to go away.

When I got to work several coworkers brought me treats, gift cards, offered hugs, and welcomed me back which was so nice (and needed). I also made a "Wall of Perryn" at my desk which I stared at most of the day.

Cowboy sent me lots of pictures and texts showing me that our little gal was doing just fine. Before I knew it, my first day back was over, and I rushed home to snuggle my babe.

My parents arrived that night and were there the rest of the week to watch Perryn part of the time, and to help ease her into daycare. She loved her time with them, and I think they loved getting to know their granddaughter better.

For me, the going to work part got easier. It was the working part that was hard. My brain just felt foggy. I think it's going to take me a few weeks (or perhaps months?) to feel totally on top of things again. Not to mention that I'm pretty sure that part of my brain has now been completely reserved for Perryn.

By Friday Perryn went to daycare for the full time we have planned (just 4.5 hours) and she did great.     Her caregiver even sent me this adorable picture of her reading. Such a smart little gal!

I came home Friday knowing that we survived our first week. And also realizing that although it's quite an adjustment, we can do day at a time.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

4 Months!

Dear Perryn,

Another month has flown by. In just a few days I will be returning to work (which makes me so so sad), but for now let's just talk about all the amazing things you have done this past month!

*You have learned how really lift your head up during tummy time and you seem to actually enjoy it sometimes!

*You are reaching and grabbing for things all the time now.

*You LOVE your hands.

*You also LOVE your binky bob (aka the amazing wubbanub).

*You still love to be swaddled when you sleep.

*You aren't spitting up like you used to (yay!!!).

*You like to have conversations with us, especially when you are getting your diaper changed.

*You (and we) survived airplane trips to and from Colorado.

*You spent time with all of your grandparents this past month!

*And, you guessed it...Mom still LOVES taking pictures of you.

We love you sweet girl! 

Betty, Cowboy, & Dudley

Saturday, January 24, 2015

No ordinary day.

This day will always bring me extreme heartache and extreme joy.

On January 24, 2012 I miscarried our first baby and on January 24, 2014 I found out I was pregnant with Perryn. Crazy, huh?

Personally, I don't think it was just a coincidence. If anything, discovering I was pregnant with Perryn on that day made me (and continues to make me) realize how precious and miraculous her life is and how fortunate I am to be her mama.

I will never forget the loss of our first baby. But I will cherish each day I am given with this sweet, sweet baby girl.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holidays 2014!

The holidays this year were so different for us, which I guess I expected but it still surprised me a bit. For one, I never really 'was ready.' In the past I've baked cookies, wrapped presents with care, participated in holiday-themed gatherings, and ate too much chocolate. This year? This year no cookies were baked, presents were thrown in left over baby shower gift bags, we went to just one party and stayed for less than 2 hours, and since we were trying to figure out if Perryn had allergy issues, I didn't eat many holiday foods. 

But, I wouldn't change any of it. Having our daughter with us this year has made everything mean more to me. She truly is all I have ever wanted for Christmas. (sappy? yes.) And with that, here's a little rundown of our holiday...

Cowboy had to work through Christmas Eve this year, so I decided to fly with Perryn home a few days earlier so I would have more time with family. Even though it was a short 1 hour flight, I was extremely nervous to fly with an infant. But, I shouldn't have been...she slept the entire way! 

Perryn had a tough time the first night (it was her first night away from home) and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to survive without Cowboy, but we did. My sister and her six-month old baby were there as well and it was so fun to have them hang out and for us to just talk about mom stuff. I also was able to get together with two of my old high school friends who also recently had baby girls. So crazy to think how the past few years have changed us all! 

On Christmas Eve, the extended family gathered at my parents' house for our annual get together. It was so fun to introduce Perryn to so many people that have prayed for her and our little family. Cowboy arrived about half way through the party and I almost cried when I saw how happy Perryn was to see him. 

Cowboy also brought Dudley with him which made my parents' new puppy Lucy pretty happy. They were so cute together! 

On Christmas morning, I nursed Perryn fairly early and then she decided to sleep through all of the present opening. Which to be honest, was pretty nice because that meant I could actually sit and enjoy my coffee and cinnamon roll!

When Perryn did wake up, we were sure to get some pictures with Santa (aka her great-grandpa!) and cousins. 

We lounged around the next few days, and then flew to Colorado to spend New Years with Cowboy's family. Perryn did pretty well again (even though our flight was delayed)-she slept about half the time, she nursed, Cowboy changed her diaper in the small airplane bathroom (love him), and we played. 

Our time in Winter Park was fun, even though Cowboy and I actually didn't do any skiing. We were too interested in just relaxing and trying to catch up on some sleep! Our nephews were pretty interested in Perryn and asked so many adorable questions. We were all in bed by 11pm on New Years Eve (not our craziest New Years, but it's just what we wanted!). 

After New Years we headed down to Denver for the wedding of a close college friend. Cowboy's mom offered to watch Perryn in the hotel so we could go to the festivities (which was so appreciated!). 

And after all of that, we flew back to Seattle, picked up Dudley at my parents, and drove back home. Yowza. We are all pretty exhausted, happy to be home, and thankful for our amazing family and friends. 

Happy New Year! 


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

3 Months!

Dear Perryn,

You actually turned 3 months old on Christmas day but we've been away from home the past few weeks and I'm just now getting some time to write about you and all of your accomplishments! Here's what you've been up to this past month...

*You have discovered your hands and can't get enough of them. You love to put them in your mouth or just gaze at them. 

*You are making all sorts of fun vowel sounds with an occasional consonant thrown in.

*You are so smiley! Even when you are starting to get upset, you can't help but smile when someone is talking to you. 

*You have started to try to bat and grab toys. 

*Your neck is getting stronger and stronger and you are enjoying sitting upright when someone is holding you. You love to look around and take in everything that is happening around you.

*Your grandparents (Papa Dave & Mae) came to visit in early December and you got to spend time with them while your parents went on a date! 

*Your absolute favorite toy right now is your 'binky bob' (soothie pacifier with attached dog). We're hoping that this will make you like bottles again!

*Everything about you is getting longer and longer! Your hair, your legs, your beautiful eyelashes.

*You survived your first tummy bug. We thought at first it was an allergy to something I was eating, but fortunately the diarrhea ended after about 2 (very long!) weeks and mama can eat normal foods again! 

*You still are an amazing sleeper (averaging 7-8 hour stretches!), but you typically don't like to go to sleep until about 11pm which makes your parents a little crazy.

*You took your first plane ride with mama and slept the whole way. You met a ton of family members at Grandma and Grandpa's and got a little overwhelmed until we put you in the Bjorn (which puts you right to sleep!). 

*And yep. Mama still loves taking pictures of you! Here are just a few...

We love you more and more each and every day. Happy 3 months sweet girl! 

Betty, Cowboy, & Dudley


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