Friday, December 20, 2013

Fifth Date of Christmas: A Celebration Dinner!

For our fifth date of Christmas, Cowboy took me out to Saffron, one of our favorite restaurants in town. We typically only go here when we are celebrating. And last night was a cause for celebration. My temporary SLP job has turned into a permanent job! Such a relief, and definitely a reason to go out for dinner!

While all of the food was absolutely delicious, my favorite was the Lahmacun (aka turkish pizza), and the ginger cake dessert.

Where do you go to celebrate?


**I was inspired by The Rockstar Diaries, who started doing this a few years ago.  You should definitely check out their blog! And you can check out our first date of Christmas HERE. And our second date HERE. And our third date HERE. And our fourth date HERE


Allison said...

So fun. You two are doing a great job with all your festive dates!

Sarah said...

That pizza, oh my!

Laura Jordan said...

Woot woot for one of the best jobs in the world! And two of the best people in it!


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